Choosing Your Domain Name

Before you can even think about getting a website built you are going to need to secure your domain name.  Most people would know it as your DOT COM name.  Choosing the right one for your business is where most small business owners and service providers start screwing up their web presence.  You do … [Read more...]

6 Tips To Improve Your Google Local Rank

One of the questions my clients often ask me is what they can do to improve their business/website rank on the Google Local maps listings.  And thankfully... I have answers! Rather than write a big long "how-to" I am going to give you a quick run-down on the "nuts & bolts" of improving … [Read more...]

Choosing A Website Designer

So you're looking to have a website built...? Now the difficult decision of choosing a web solution provider is before you.  Any old website designer will do if all you're looking for is a "website",  but if you're looking to setup a finely tuned online sales machine than you're going to have to … [Read more...]

Your Website Call To Action.

What's your websites "Call To Action"...? If you don't know... You're already in trouble!  The web unlike any other place of doing business is incredibly fickle.  Internet Surfers are a new breed of consumer with their own set of rules on what makes them decide to take action or bail on … [Read more...]